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My Favorite Football Things


One of my favorite clothing brands. Click to get a special discount on some comfortable workout gear!


D1 is my favorite place for sport specific training. Their professionalism and coaching is unmatched. With franchises all over the country, anyone can join a program that suits his or her fitness lifestyle.


An absolute must have for training and game days! No matter the weather or the boots - TRUsox for the win!


I don't go anywhere without my Therabody recovery tools. I love my Theragun Pro, my RecoveryAir boots, the TheraCup for sore muscles, and the RecoveryTherm Cube after especially rough games. They really are the world- leading wellness solution whether it's everyday life or training days to game days. 

Yerba Mate! Not your average tea. It's healthy, it's delicious, and who doesn't love a tasty drink? (Including this guy!)


DryGuy, a portable dryer, keeps my boots dry and smell free (mostly). You can also get smaller DryGuy for travel! Click above to find it on Amazon. 


At halftime, after games, or after a workout - SiS Gels help keep me going into recovery. Click above to find them on Amazon (U.S.) or go directly to the Science in Sport site in the EU. 

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